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* Do you know what a Botnet attack is?

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Botnet represents a network of various devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and IoT, where they are infected with malicious software. Additionally, they are controlled by a cybercriminal which is also called a bot herder. On the other hand, each separate device in the botnet network is also called a bot or zombie.

Botnet attack occurs when the cybercriminal injects malware into the network and takes advantage by collectively controlling it for initiating cyberattacks. In other cases, the botnet itself is just a network of devices. A Botnet attack could be pretty large in scale, and all kinds of devices can become victims. To achieve their goal, cybercriminals utilize additional machinery to sustain control over a botnet.

Let’s explain a little bit more about the elements in such attack:

  • The Bot herder directs and controls the group of hijacked devices. The cybercriminal executes remote commands and takes control of the devices. That way, they perform the actions which the attacker wants.
  • Bot (zombie) is every infected device that is included in a botnet. Each bot works under the control of the bot herder.

In case you are curious to read more about this attack, we suggest you take a look at the following article with more details about the Botnet attack!